New Tree Donation




• A tree may be donated any time of the year; however it will only be planted during the tree planting season (late October through early March).

• The Donation Tree Request Application includes a “FFECP Tree List” which has tree species from which to choose.

• Friends for the East Cobb Park will provide and Cobb County Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs (CCPRCA) will plant the selected tree. For your $1,000 donation, FFECP will provide a high-quality tree, which is 8 to 12 feet tall and/or minimum 2″ caliper and will be planted by CCPRCA. An engraved stone plaque will be provided by FFECP and installed at the base of the tree.

• The exact location of the donated tree within the park is at the discretion of FFECP/CCPRCA, although every effort will be made to honor the donor’s request for placement.

• FFECP provides a three year warranty on donated trees. If the tree dies within three years from the time it is planted, FFECP will make every effort to replace the tree with a tree of the same size and species as the one originally planted.

• The donor will be contacted after the tree has been planted and the plaque has been placed.

Donation Tree List:


  1. Download and complete Donation Tree Request application. Mail check payable to Friends for the East Cobb Park along with application to:
    Friends for the East Cobb Park
    P.O. Box 6313
    Marietta, GA 30065
  2. Pay online using this page.